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About this blog

This blog is a dedicated channel for the Chief Social Worker for Adults and valued colleagues in the field to promote, encourage and challenge the adult social work profession to help individuals, families and communities live the best lives possible.

The Chief Social Worker for Adults provides independent expert advice to ministers at the Department of Health and Social Care, offering valuable perspectives on social work’s vital role within the broader care and support agenda. They also:

  • demonstrate leadership to the profession and work with other leaders to drive forward improvements and social work reform programmes
  • challenge weak or outmoded practice through the commissioning of capability frameworks, guidance, and knowledge and skills statements to enhance learning, raise standards and spur recruitment
  • provide guidance and direction to the principal social workers networks throughout England

More broadly, the Chief Social Worker for Adults, in partnership with the Department for Education’s Chief Social Worker for Children and Families, works to raise the profile of social work as a vital component of multi-disciplinary health and care teams.

In an era of holistic, collaborative, person-centred health and care, adult social work is at the forefront of enhanced mental health services and improved support for people living with autism, learning disabilities and dementia.

This blog showcases the very best of modern adult social work in these and many other areas.

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