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Maris Stratulis

Maris Stratulis

Maris Stratulis, National Director, BASW England, is a registered social worker and has a Master of Laws in Human Rights from The University of Nottingham.

She has worked in a variety of operational and strategic social work and emergency response leadership roles, both in the UK and overseas, including working for Save the Children in Bosnia Herzegovina as a national Child Protection Adviser.
She has been Manager for the Panel of Unaccompanied Refugee Children, Director for The British Red Cross Nottinghamshire and managed children in need, safeguarding children in care services and adult.

Maris has worked in a variety of statutory children and adult services roles in Local Authorities in London and the East Midlands.

She is the co-editor of Out of the Shadows: The Role of Social Workers in Disasters (2022), the first book to be published focusing on the role of UK social workers in disasters.

Social work's vital role in disaster situations

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Hand stopping dominos collapsing

I am delighted to support the launch of a free online training course for social work in disaster situations. Maris Stratulis, National Director, BASW England, and Joe Hanley, lecturer and researcher in social work with the Open University, have kindly drafted this week’s blog promoting this excellent course, so please read it and consider signing up!