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  1. Comment by Chris Sterry posted on

    Thank you for your insight, but social care is so much more than social work and social workers, even though this area is so important. Care workers who provide the care to persons in need of care are so important also and in many respects more so.

    They too are far from recognised for the work they do and the responsibilities they undertake. The insufficiency of care workers could well be much greater than the insufficiency of social workers and neither receive the recognition they so greatly deserve.

    I say care workers are more so, for without these workers social care can't be delivered and they are one of the poorest paid in the UK, but undertake considerable responsibilities for which they are not anywhere near enough remunerated for. £11.00 per hour is way insufficient and should be more like £14/15 and their working conditions considerably improved, for many don't have as many paid bank holidays as most UK workers have.

    Travel expenses are few and far and many others. The roles of care workers have to be considerably improved and be recognised for the skilled profession it surely is for it is far from being unskilled, if the care is provided as it should be.

    The government promises to review social care, but before this can be done the government needs to understand what social care is and in that it is much more than the care for the elderly and care homes, for in includes both children and adults in home care, supported living and others.

    Many persons in need of care are not receiving any or way too little due to the severe lack of funding for social care and the underrepresentation of care workers.

    The government feel half a £million or £1 million is sufficient when it is £billions required. The King's Fund say £7 billion, while £12 is more realistic. But that is required now and not in a year or two time and not just now, but sustained for years to come.

    Without this immediate and sustained funding social care will to all purposes disappear and the NHS soon after, as both are doing so currently.

    We need a listening government, but I can't see one coming, so the future looks so bleak.

  2. Comment by Jill Honeybun posted on

    I'm a former social worker with a degree in Business Studies.
    I've cared in various ways for ten relatives.
    I started and ran a national specialist club for over 20 years.
    In the last seven years I've dealt with over 25 members of staff from Social Services.
    I am dismayed at how inefficient and ineffective Social Services are. With my background I should be the easiest possible person to help write a Needs Assessment and Care Plan for my brain damaged son, now 44.
    Currently, our county has a policy of allocating annual reviews to anyone in the learning disability team, who then does the review and closes the file before finalising the review and actually doing what was agreed. Even worse, they do not read the file first! So I've just had basically the same conversation with different social workers for a very, very long time! The LA moved my son from residential care into Supported Living, against my wishes, because I'd just had major cancer surgery and was under orders never to care for anyone ever again. The LA went ahead anyhow, when shared SL didn't work, they moved him to live alone in a privately rented flat. There have been problems ever since. Somehow I am now blamed for him living alone and needing appropriate support, I'm told he could have more support in supported living!! Contracts are being entered into with providers by social workers who have never had any training on contract law. It was my favourite subject during my degree, but when I apply it properly I'm told off by the LA! Similarly my son can't read or write, or do any maths, needs a lot of support with his money. I've managed accounts for an entire hospital in Australia, so I'm happy to show anyone how to do very simple money records. Instead, dreadful records are kept, and there has been a lot of financial abuse. The LA appointed auditors who found at least £2,500 missing or mis spent in under a year, but did nothing. Social work training MUST involve an element of contract law and finance. The job has changed vastly since I worked for SSD 50 years ago, and staff need training for the job they now do, not what they once did. People with lifelong conditions, especially learning difficulties, need long term relationships. Just giving a 12 month contract to a provider and closing the file is NOT GOOD ENOUGH!


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